Monday, December 10, 2012

The Essential Landmark Map of Highway M-22

My summer vacation, now with key.

Row 1, left to right: 
Illinois license plate, Tennessee license plate, Wisconsin license plate, Gluth Brothers Roofing truck (not a stair-car), John 14:16 sign

Row 2, left to right: Indiana license plate, American flag-style Indiana license plate, Indiana handicapped license plate, John 3:3 sign, Texas license plate

Row 3, left to right: Missouri license plate, Creation Museum - 267 Miles sign, Michigan license plate, Michigan "GOTBRAD" license plate, Farm-Raised Rabbit Meat sign

Row 4, left to right: Truck driver with unbuckled Cockatoo passenger, Ohio license plate, Iowa license plate (with Hawkeye plate cover), Property of Give 'Em a Brake Safety sign, Felch Street - Holland, Michigan sign

Row 5, left to right: Legends Taxidermy sign, Steve Edwards - Mule Doctor sign, Maryland license plate, Kentucky license plate, Days Inn XL Boat Parking sign

Row 6, left to right: Restaurant Dancing sign on restaurant, Guy Riding Tractor - Next 4 Miles sign, Colorado license plate, North Carolina license plate/attempted murderers (ran a stop sign), Three Bears X-ing sign

Row 7, left to right: Pennsylvania license plate, Fuel & Buckcherry - Traverse City sign, 20 Mile Road - 1 Mile sign, New Jersey license plate, Minnesota license plate

Row 8, left to right: Straddle Rumblestrips sign, Rhode Island license plate and surfboard, Mr. Foisie's Pasties sign, Virginia license plate, Chevelle & Evanescence - Grand Rapids sign

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