Tuesday, June 22, 2010

I'm Not as Hip as You Think I Am, Part II

I like old things—aged liquors and crow's-footed dads, for instance—so why should my affinity for has-been musicians and reunion tours buck the trend?

Below I’ve plotted a single random sampling of Shows I’ve Seen (by year, indicated by the blue "^" line) alongside When the Band/Performer Had Their Breakthrough (by year, indicated by the purple "o" line). Pinpointing a band’s breakthrough is an inexact pseudoscience—especially when some of these bands haven’t hit a recognizable commercial stride. Here the term mostly applies to a band’s best selling album, best charting album or single, or the height of their critical acclaim, visibility or ubiquity. Don’t crucify me with your contentions, but respect that I finally made a graph that required some, uh, research.

(click to enlarge)

The main idea is that there’s a whack-ass disparity between when I pay to see my beloved geezers and when these geezers were first gaining relevancy. On average, I see an act 11 years after they matter. And this disease has only been getting worse—three of the four breakthrough nadirs occur on the right-hand side of the page.

Surprisingly, I’m most relevant with my hip-hop. Which is news to me? Of the five acts I’ve seen within three years of their breakthrough (yellow dotted lines), three are hip-hop acts. Insert Tracy Jordan comment on blackness here.

I'm Not as Hip as You Think I Am, Part I

One of the embarrassing and rather happenstance side effects to moving is unpacking your stuff and realizing that you're not as cool as previously surmised. For instance, one would think my DVD collection would look remarkably different based on the actors and writers and directors that I have expressed a fondness for... but no.

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It's passable, but we didn't even touch upon my smattering of Colin Firth.