Wednesday, July 28, 2010

You Shall Know Our Deliciosity

(click to enlarge)

A sort-of addendum to my Bachelorettehood Is Amazing post from yesterday. Most of these items were tested over the sink, and not on a plate, with nobody looking.


  1. Naked I would presume.

  2. Terra, I *finally* found your graph blog! (Well, it's the first time I looked for it, but I thought it would take more than just typing in the phrase "Terra graphs" in Google. Second or third result!) [Sidenote: You might considering copyrighting "Terragraph" for your original writing.] You are great!I want to share this blog with all my friends!

    P.S. Hickory the gardener was the best character in 13 Dead End Drive. (I remember now!)

    -Emily (the one that is Kat's roommate.)